Titanium Toot Proof Leader Wire

Titanium is super-elastic leader wire that stretches to absorb the strike of a fish (pike/Saltwater preditors) - then snaps back and recovers during the hook-set!

This wire is made with a special blend of Titanium alloy wire and engineered to deliver tremendous strength along with dramatic kink resistance.

Fish with confidence knowing this is among the highest quality leader wire available.Use Titanium Tooth Proof for the best bite protection, flexibility, and unmatched kink resistance!






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Cablz® Regular rubber ends fit glasses with earpieces between 3-9mm in width. 80% of the sunglasses on the market today have frames in that range.


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dryfly path

This ultimate dryfly patch dries flies even when patch soaking wet.









The Stripee™ advantage

  • Remove the bite of harsh fly-lines
  • Extends the life of your fly line
  • Protects your fingers from burns
  • Cleans and conditions your line
  • Removes 'memory' from your line
  • Better cast ability and presentation
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to use
  • Convenient and time saving
  • Reusable and washable


spudz ultra microfiber cloth towel

The UltraCloth™ is the environmentally-friendly solution.

The UltraCloth™ is a microfiber terrycloth towel with excellent wicking and absorption properties.

The UltraCloth is stored in a neoprene pouch which offers unparalleled protection from the outside environment.

Great fo Fishing.

No need take a towel or paper towel with you.





spudz ultra microfiber lens cleaner

Join the millions who have already discovered the ultimate cleaning power of Spudz!

Keep your shirt tucked in and let Spudz do the cleaning.

It's as convenient as your shirt, but without all the scratching.





Fishhook Removal KitFish Hook Picture








DVD instructions included.

One size fitts all "Bug/Insects protection".