Dragon -Tail-flyMangums-Dragon-Tails

Mangum’s Dragon Tail” was conceived by David Mangum from Florida. David is a top notch Fly Tier and Guide. With his knowledge and background, the “Dragon Tail” is now available. This component has been specially treated to add color fastness and durability. Using various retrieval techniques you can make it dance or swim with a snake like action. 5 per package

Colors: White-Black-Olive-Red-Grey-Purple-Fl.Green/Chartreuse-Fl.Yellow-FL.Pink-Hot Orange. The tapered length is 7” long, with 3/4” diameter mid section.

Curly-TailsIMG 0356

Flex Curly Tails: A new material that is super strong, flexible, with extreme stretch. Almost tooth proof. These popular forms will add extra movement, shed water, and are light weight. The same material that is used in our Sili Worms.
Large shapes have 5 per package.
Medium shapes have 6 per package.
Small shapes have 7 per package.

Grizz -FlyGriz-Hair

GRIZZLY HAIR is approximately 4" in length, with barring at every 3/16". This synthetic hair is the perfect top to any streamer fly, or to add a lateral line to any bait fish pattern. It is more durable and less expensive than natural grizzly saddle, and finer than our Synthetic Yak Hair. It is color fast, and in eleven fish catching colors. 
Magenta/Fushia-Tangerine/Orange-Crimson Red-Green- Chartreuse-pearly/White
Flex-2 Flex-1 flex spex reading glasses

Strengh glasses 2 & 2.5

Use for Cap or Glasses